Emergency Veterinary

As a loving pet owner, you already make sure that your pet gets routine medical treatment. But every now and then, you and your pet may need access to an emergency vet. Even healthy animals sometimes need special assistance that falls outside the normal treatments that veterinarians give. In those cases, it’s essential to have the name and contact information of an emergency veterinarian in St. Louis.

Urgent Care Services

At CWE Vet, we understand that pets can face urgent health issues that require immediate attention. Our Urgent Care Services are designed to address these needs promptly during our regular business hours.

Our team is equipped to handle a variety of urgent health situations, ensuring your pet receives the care they need when they need it most. Whether it’s a sudden illness or a minor injury, we’re here to provide compassionate and effective care to help your pet on the road to recovery.

What Situations Require an Emergency Veterinarian?

There are a variety of situations and circumstances when you might need to rely on an emergency vet. These include:

Sudden illness outside of normal vet hours.
Sudden reaction to new food.
Fall or victim of physical mistreatment.
Pet involved in a motor vehicle accident.
Sudden vomiting, mouth-frothing, or uncontrollable diarrhea.

These are not the only reasons to bring your pet to an emergency veterinarian, of course. Any life-threatening or dangerous situation that your pet is in may require immediate, emergency treatment.

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Emergency Veterinary Services

While we strive to offer comprehensive care to our patients, our Emergency Veterinary Services are available on a limited basis during our normal business hours. We are not open 24 hours, but we are committed to providing critical care and emergency treatment for your pets when possible. Our veterinarians are qualified to offer diagnostic services, emergency surgery, medication administration, and post-operative care for both chronic and acute conditions.

When an emergency happens after hours, we recommend contacting a 24-hour emergency facility. Below are the contact details for 24-hour emergency veterinary services in the St. Louis area to ensure your pet always has access to the best possible care:

Veterinary Specialty Services

Address: 1021 Howard George Dr, Manchester, MO 63021

Phone: (636) 227-9400

Animal Emergency Clinic – O’Fallon

Address: 334 Fort Zumwalt Square, O’Fallon, MO 63366

Phone: (636) 240-5496

Keep the emergency vet’s contact information readily available and familiarize yourself with their location to ensure quick access when every second counts.

During an emergency, remember to stay calm. Don’t delay in reaching out for advice. Since all animals can react in different ways to illness or injury, we recommend that the first thing you do if you suspect that your pet might need emergency care is to get in touch with us, or an after hours emergency hospital.

At CWE Vet, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for your pets. For more information about our Urgent Care and limited Emergency Veterinary Services, or for assistance in finding a 24-hour emergency facility, please contact us at (314) 320-0004.