Our Team

Dr. Cheryl Walker

DVM, CVAT / Owner

Dr. Cheryl Walker is a 2015 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. As a part of her interest in internal medicine and pain management therapies, she became certified in veterinary acupuncture in 2021. Originally from Downers Grove, a suburb of Chicago, she moved to the state of Missouri for her schooling and decided to stay, preferring the milder winters in Missouri. Her interests include feline medicine and internal medicine. Outside of work, she enjoys biking, hiking, and reading.

Dr. Matt Shivelbine

DVM / Owner

Dr. Shivelbine (or Dr. Shiv, as he is known to be called) is a Missouri native, originally from Cape Girardeau, where he grew up in his family’s music store. Inspired by his father’s work ethic and his mother’s love of learning, he moved north to Kirksville where he attended Truman State University. He developed a real love of biology and animal science that eventually directed him to a career in veterinary medicine. He moved to St. Louis after graduating from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002, and has been practicing throughout the metro area since then. Dr. Shivelbine is interested in soft tissue surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, and exotic animal medicine. He is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Shivelbine truly enjoys working through animal health concerns, and wants to foster open & honest communication with our CWE families. Before you make a medical decision together, he wants you to understand not only what we need to do but why we are recommending it. Dr. Shivelbine regularly plays violin (well), bass (pretty good), and accordion (poorly) with his wife Jenna and their friends in the acoustic band The Aught Naughts. They also love watching / mocking low budget scary movies and laughing a lot. Jenna has an amazing imagination – she makes toys, stuffed animals, children’s books and other creations in her home studio. Matt and Jenna both enjoy building Lego sculptures with their young boys Olin and Emrik. Olin studies karate and is hard at work on his path to black belt. Emrik loves music and is absolutely crazy for steam trains. The real boss of the house is their cat, Clever Dan – a grey tabby with a remarkably high IQ.

Dr. Evan Klein

DVM / Owner

Dr. Klein has been practicing in small animal medicine and surgery for the past 10 years. He realized his dream of becoming a veterinarian while he was working to complete his degree in marine biology in Santa Cruz, CA. For three of his years in school he volunteered his time and love at an animal shelter. During this time he realized his complete love of animals and that his true passion lied in helping those who could not speak for themselves.

After this dream was realized the real work began. Dr. Klein attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in Saint Kitts. His clinical year was completed at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. His drive for further knowledge led him to apply for an additional internship and extend his years of study. Once accepted he was an intern with the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Ambulatory Department and Champaign County Small Animal Shelter.

During this past year Dr. Evan Klein has become an owner at CWE Veterinary Hospital. From wellness preventive care visits to more advanced medicine and surgery, his main focus is treating your pet as part of the family. Dr. Klein is proud to be certified in a program called Fear Free, a program designed to make visits to the hospital as stress free as possible. In his free time, Dr. Klein loves going mountain biking, hiking, and spending time with his wife and his two young boys.

Andrew C.

Head Veterinary Technician

Andrew is a St. Louisan Native and is currently our head vet tech! He states he’s been having so much fun and it feels like he’s always been here! “I go by Andrew “The Cat Man” because of my passion for working with cats. A cat’s purr is the sound of love”!

Andrew knows he’s in the right profession because he feels very satisfied after a long day’s work! It leaves him feeling like a big bowl of mashed potatoes!
In his free time he likes to eat chicken wings (traditional only) while playing Call of Duty and having introspective conversations with his lovely girlfriend. All of the while surrounded by his five amazing cats.

Kyle G.

Certified Veterinary Technician

Kyle is a certified veterinary technician at Central West End Veterinary clinic, where he started working in November of 2022. Kyle has lived in the St. Louis area his entire life, originally from East St. Louis, IL, and now residing in Godfrey where he runs his own kennel program. Kyle began his veterinary career by attending Hickey College, graduating in 2016.

Kyle has always had a passion for animals, starting at a young age, which led him to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. He loves working with animals because of the vast differences in personalities between individuals and species. Kyle’s favorite thing about his job is the difference he can make in the quality of life for the animals he treats.

Kyle knew that working with animals was the right profession for him when he saw the impact he could make in their lives. He takes pride in being able to improve the health and well-being of the animals he works with every day.

Courtney C.

Veterinary Technician

Courtney is from Indianapolis and moved to St. Louis 4 years ago. He began working in the field through TNR programs and has a soft spot for community cats.

Outside of work, Courtney likes to play board games and read!

Lica S.

Veterinary Technician

Lica started working in June 22 as a Veterinary Technician! Born and raised in Dallas TX, she quickly moved to Seattle WA for school where she met her now husband. Her passion for animals drove her to find a program where she could help animals. After becoming one of the first Approved Veterinary Assistant in Washington State, she worked at Renton West Veterinary Hospital for a few years. When her husband got stationed in Georgia and then Central Texas, she gained many valuable experiences to help shape the Technician she is today. After her husband left the military, work brought them to St. Louis in May of 22. Growing up animals were always a part of her life. From a non-profit rescue out of her childhood home to dog sitting and walking into adulthood, her need to help animals remained constant in her life.

Outside of work, Lica has 3 dogs- Speedy (9) joined the family in 2015 from a shelter in Washington State. He is a jack Russell and Chihuahua mix Obi (5) was born in 2016 from Lica’s Sister’s dogs. He is a havanese, Maltese and poodle mix. Samantha ( 14) joined the family in 2020 in Central Texas. She is a Labrador mix. When Lica isn’t caring for her pups or at work, her favorite pass times include playing music and video games!

James V.

Veterinary Technician

James is a Veterinary Technician who recently joined the team at Central West End Veterinary Hospital on November 1st, 2022. Born and raised in St. Louis, James earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Saint Louis University.

In the fall of 2020, James began his career in the veterinary industry after seeking to move away from his previous job as an exterminator. The Humane Society was the first place to call him for a job, and he has been passionate about working with animals ever since. James enjoys the hands-on aspect of his job and finds great satisfaction in helping animals in need.

Outside of work, James enjoys spending time with his golden retriever, Forrest. They often visit Bar K, a dog park and bar in the city. James is an avid animal lover and enjoys volunteering at local animal shelters in his free time.

Kelsey B.

Lead Customer Service Representative

Hi all! My name is Kelsey and I have been a receptionist with the CWE Vet Hospital since June 2021. Prior to this, I received my Bachelor of Science in Equestrian Science in 2017 and my Master of Education in Equestrian Education/Management in 2020, both at William Woods University in Fulton, MO.

Since joining the team, I have LOVED having the opportunity to interact with the animals and their owners we see in our clinic. When I am not working, I am spending time with my fiance, Ben and our dog Buddha. Ben and I often visit my parents on their farm in Illinois, where we enjoy riding our horses and mules, hiking, or just simply visiting and spending time together. This is also where my four cats live along with my parents’ five dogs, so there is never a dull moment when visiting!

Matthew M.

Customer Service Representative

Hello! My name is Matthew and I am one of the receptionists here at Central West End Veterinary. I spent some time at Missouri State University studying wildlife biology before making my way here. In my free time, I take care of my 2 panther chameleons, dog, 5 snakes, fish tank, and 16 tarantulas. With what little free time I have left after that, I love going on hikes, bike rides and going on weekend trips. I am super excited to meet all of our patients!

Sarah S.

Hospital Administrator

As a lifelong lover of animals, Sarah is delighted to have the opportunity to merge her business expertise with her passion for animal care and wellness. Her extensive experience with payroll, business management, and strategic planning will provide the support our clinic needs in order to practice the best medicine for our patients. Sarah has enjoyed building and working with our dedicated and fun-loving team. She sees how seriously the staff is about the care they provide our patients, and she diligently works to provide a positive and empowering environment where each staff member can continue to learn, grow, and have fun.

With two cats and a dog at home, Sarah and her husband have a home filled with all sorts of animal antics. Her favorite pastimes include gardening, baking, reading, and horseback riding, along with the occasional weekend of Netflix binge watching. She also enjoys catching a show at the local comedy clubs.

Zharia p.

Veterinary Assistant

Zharia was Born and raised in Saint Louis, MO. Graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 2021 with Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness: Animal Science and is Currently enrolled in the Vet Tech program at Jefferson College. As a young girl Zharia witnessed a traumatic loss of a beloved pet in which triggered a passionate sought to learn about the care of all animals, and how to prolong their life!

Her favorite part about working with animals is seeing their personalities flourish along with the immense amount of hugs and kisses that they give out! Most importantly, providing the care to them that is necessary for a healthy and happy life. Zharia knew she was in the right profession when she could express all her sorrows and worries to an animal without them being judgmental, while still offering their unconditional love. But on a serious note, it was the moment she did her summer internship and was able to get the real hands-on experience of the industry. It almost felt like she was at right at home. She was very interested in learning more, and continued her education to be a technician.

Outside of work she spends most of her time at home reading occasionally; and watching suspenseful/mystery movies or TV shows, “I mean that type of stuff keeps my heart racing”! Whenever she does come out of hibernation, she likes to go and try out different restaurants around the city. She loves spoiling her dad’s dog, Zinc, with treats, rope toys, hide-and-seek, belly rubs, and a lot of walks; which he gets a kick out of! With Zharia’s  little sister being 10 years younger, you’ll most likely find her in tears of laughter from almost anything Zharia does or says!

Angela W.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Angela has an AA and AAS in Veterinary Technology from Colby Community College. Angela fell in love with emergency medicine straight out of school. After working almost 13 years in emergency, she decided to move into general practice to develop closer relationships with her clients and patients. She is very passionate about hospice, palliative and end of life care for her patients and clients. Every living being deserves a dignified goodbye.

Outside of work Angela has been married for 6 years to her best friend! She also enjoys to crochet items for preemie babies to be donated throughout the world.

Sam C.

Veterinary Assistant 

Sam is from Bergen County, NJ, came to St. Louis for college and joined our team as a Veterinary Assistant January of 2021! She is currently a senior at Washington University, studying biology with minors in anthropology and Spanish. She hopes to be a veterinarian some day and is currently waiting to hear back from vet schools now!